J'ai deux amours

I've just watched a documentary -while storyboarding my next pinup comicstrip- about the marvelous Lady Baker and i wanted to share this old drawing. She was such a woman.

Paris Burlesque Festival

Pour info, le Festival de Burlesque de Paris aura lieu du 22 au 25 octobre! renseignements en cliquant sur le macaron ci dessous!

Hot Rod Kitten finished!

An image for the french Kustom Magazine's new 2010 calendar! It's about hot rods, pinups, vintage subculture, and it's greeeat!!
Be wild, boys and girls, until the (very very soon) next blog post....about yummy Cupcakes!!

Hot Rod Kitten & Sailor Jerry Rum

Hi there! How are you boys and girls?? I'm doing great, I'm currently working on this illustration....

I'm wondering if i'm gonna put some fire on this hot rod...
There will be some tattoos on the girl's arms, that's for sure.

Let's put some powder puff on the blog's nose!

Girls, we all know it, a good make up makes it all !
Les filles, nous le savons toutes, un beau maquillage fait la différence !

Soooo. Let's put some powder puff on this blog's nose !
I hope you like this new boudoir, my dears!
The shop section will open very soon.
Alors, repoudrons un peu le nez de ce blog ! J'espère que vous vous sentirez encore plus chez vous dans ce nouveau petit boudoir, darlings!
Le section boutique "shop" ouvrira très prochainement !

My latest flame!

...and Marie's her name!
as Elvis told me when i was doodlin' this little paper doll...

Dita Dark Burlesque

A special customer request ! *
Une commande spéciale !

And a special post ! Today ladies & gentlemen, you can watch the work in progress on Youtube!
Et un post tout aussi spécial ! Aujourd'hui mesdemoiselles-messieurs, vous pouvez voir le dessin progresser en video sur Youtube !

Have a nice day, sweeties...! ;)
Bonne journée mes sucrettes...! ;)

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