New illustration excerpt from my artbook to come !

Just some robot-teeeease today!
Have you recognized this robot?
Have you recognized these legs? Guess whose !

The answers will be in my next artbook (coming dec 2013) !
For those who wonder: it is traditionnal oil painting technique.

Have a very nice and glamourous week-end lovelies,

Best regards,


MAY 17th against homophobia

A little sketch to say there's nothing wrong in this. This is LOVE.

As many of you know already, homophobia is a touchy subject for me, as i am homosexual myself! Homophobia causes only negative things from bullying to killing. 
Today i have a loving thought for my parents who love and accept me and my girlfriend as we are. Thank you Mum and Dad for this, you cannot imagine how i feel blessed to have you both. And i wish every gay, lesbian and transgender people feels the same about their parents and friends. This is so important.

Thank you dear readers, and spread the love !!!

Pour ceux qui parlent français, un petit lien pour retrouver le billet que j'avais posté il y a deux ans, à propos de mon coming-out: 

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