Hi darlings ❤️I have decided to post some drawings i had in my archives! Time to give my instagram some love! I want to sincerely apologize to my followers if i didn't post much these last two years, personal issues after my mom died (i don't want to make myself sound like a victim or what, just naming facts 🤓) and then i have to work on confidential commissions i can't show, and jobs (teaching for the first year so i spend a lot of time preparing courses) going on! That being said, I'm very motivated to try and keep up posting archives i never actually posted on instagram or new sketches or whatever i feel like posting! I just want to continue to spread my love for art and vintage aesthetics 😍 I hope you'll forgive my absence on social medias lately. LOVE YOU ALL!! . . #sketch #ipadpro #inking #ink #workinprogress #filmnoir #womeninsuits #vintage #pencil #highwaist #glamour #malysiri #instaart

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