It is still not snowing on my drawing table

...actually it is snowing in Canada, but on my board, the ice melts! ;)

This the current work, my tribute to Dorothy Lamour, one of my favorite actresses of the 40s. She's that mix between class and humor, absolutely lovely, she wears her name perfectly!
A video to discover her (i know i've been posting this already
but you don't count when you love!):

...isn't she fascinating?

This artwork will end in my artbook :)

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Fiona Timantti a dit…


Vincent 13 a dit…

Coucou, ça fait longtemps que tu ne nous a pas envoyée une video de tes créations dans la "baraque à dessins".
Biz du pays des cigales...

Jon Lankry a dit…

j'adore le regard que tu lui as fait ^^
ça fait plaisir de voir de nouveaux dessins :)

Victoria - Washington Boudoir Photographer a dit…

Very sexy drawing!!

blackvelvetandlace a dit…

oh mon dieu j'adore tes dessins !!! tu dessines trop bien, c'est abusé !!! ;)

Sasa Sophie a dit…


it's just amazing how you're drawing those Pin ups!
I'm drawing them too,
on my page ( but when i see yours, i would say I'm just trying to draw them, because yours are perfect!

Can't get enough of your drawings!


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